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Carter's Pet Sitting Service

*affordable, dependable, and trusted pet sitting*

We ARE accepting new customers at this time.

Happy 2014!

Carter's Pet Sitting is now Barb's Pet Service!

We offer the same great pet sitting and dog walking services for our Wichita and surrounding areas! Contact Barb today at 316.841.8452, or [email protected] Visit us online at

We offer quality IN-HOME pet sitting and dog walking while you are away. In-home pet sitting is where your pets get to stay at your home while you are gone. So you can feel confident that you are leaving your animals with experienced sitters that know how to care and work with them! Let your time away be fun AND productive for your pets!

For our pet sitting customers:

Leaving your pet in a kennel, with a friend, or even a sitters home, introduces them to disease, stress, and fear. They are in an unfamiliar place, with animals they don't know or trust, and most importantly, you aren't there. This can lead to anxiety, anger, and can be difficult to reverse.

We want your pets to be cared, exercised, and educated by us while you are gone. They can stay at home, the place where they feel the safest and still have "you" there in the sights, smells, and surroundings. They are worked with everyday with how to sit, stay, chasing games, and are given lots of love! We promise to treat them as our own and offer them a fun and productive vacation as well!

Also, feel secure knowing that your home will be checked on daily and still give the image that "someone is there" when you are not. We turn blinds, alternate lights, collect mail, etc...

For our dog walking customers:

We offer a daily visit for your pup(s) where we take them on a long, brisk walk that usually lasts 20-30 minutes. We then check their food, water, and make sure they potty before they go back inside.

This is a good midday break for your pup if you are unavailable, it lets them get outside, work off some energy, and come inside to take a nap and wait for you!

With a daily check-up, you aren't leaving your pup whining at home all day, no more torn up furniture or clothing, and no more accidents when you get home! Just like kids, dogs need to get out and "run off" all that pent up energy. If they aren't available to do that, that's when they can get depressed and/or destructive.

What kind of care do you want for your animals?

We offer the best!

What we offer:

First, we will come by your home and meet you and your animals. We get all necessary information from you before the first visit. We are extremely thorough, and every question and concern will be discussed at that time. Here's what we offer:

Pet Sitting Clients:

For the Pups:

*3 Daily Visits- morning, evening, late night

*1 Walk per day (usually 15-30 minutes)

*Potty/Food/Water/Treats per visit

For the Kitties:

*2 Daily Visits- morning, evening (can be negotiated)

*Exercise and play time per day (usually 15-30 minutes)

*Food/Water/Treats per visit

*Scoop litter each day

For everyone:

*We administer any necessary medications

*We send daily emails/text messages to keep you updated on how your pets are doing.

*We bring in mail, water plants, rotate lights, all free of charge.

If anymore requests (i.e. water gardens, pickup food, take to groomers, etc.) there is a flat rate of $10/hour.

Dog Walking Clients:

1 Daily Visit

1 brisk walk for 20-30 minutes

We also check food, water, give out a treat, and make sure they potty before we go.

This is the perfect midday visit for your dog. They can get out, exercise, go potty and take a nap before you get home. No more chewing on your shoes, constant whining, or accidents to clean up when you get home from work!

Prices per Day:

Pet Sitting Clients:

Dogs: $50 first dog, $10 second, third and so on.

Cats: If you have a dog then each cat is $5.

If you have no dogs, pricing is $30 first cat, $5 second, third and so on.

Dog Walking Clients:

$15 for the first dog, $5 each dog after that and so on.

*For all other animals just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you!

Other Services:

Coming Home Service:

We will make sure that you are stocked up on milk, bread, and other food necessities of your choice so when you get home you don't have to go to the store. Charge is $10/hour and the cost of your requested groceries.

Clean House Service:

We contract a professional house cleaner that makes sure all dishes are done, floors cleaned and vacuumed, and windows clean. She will then leave you a quote for the rest of the house if you choose to have her come back. We charge $30 for this service.


We accept payment by Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

Payment must be received before the start of service.


We offer service 365 days a year. All days are first come, first serve. Contact us as soon as possible to reserve your day!

Thanks for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon!


(316) 841-8452